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Energy container

For uninterrupted off-grid power supply

The Intech Energy Containers is a solution to deliver energy to rural areas. Each container is equipped with a photovoltaic system and a lithium-ion battery backup. Every system comprises a monitoring system which allows the customers but also Intech ́s engineers to access the data online. All of our Energy Containers are pre- assembled, pre-tested and pre-configured before shipment which ensures a fast and cost-efficient implementation.

PV Plant
Total power * Between 10 kW and 100 kW
Connection phases * 1 or 3
Rate power *Between 7,6 kVa and 60 kVa
Connection phases *1 or 3
Battery plant
TypeLead acid
Capacity *Between 1080 Ah and 10000 Ah
Cells quantity24 or 72
System voltage48 V
Total capacity *Between 52 kWh and 480 kWh
Off-Grid inverter
Power (rated/30min)6 kW / 8 kW
Inverter quantity *Between 1 and 9
Total rated power Between 6 kW and 54 kW
General data
Container size20' ou 40'

* Depending on the configuration and the performance class chosen (EC10, EC30 ou EC100)

The table above gives an overview of the available system sizes. Intech offers tailor-made solutions in each performance class.
Request a non-binding offer tailored to your energy consumption.