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Federal Minister Hubertus Heil visits Nußbach


Optimising agriculture with AI - and we're on the right track! From robotic mowers to harvesters, there are already a wide variety of AI-controlled helpers. Part of our Agri-PV research facility in Nußbach is also one of them.

Based on the data collected by the LTZ Augustenberg, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE is developing an algorithm that controls the Intech tracking system according to the needs of the plants and maximises the amount of solar energy - an absolute win-win-win situation!

On the subject of "AI in agriculture", we were able to give Federal Minister Hubertus Heil and over 20 journalists a tour of our plant yesterday as part of his summer trip and test his blackberry harvesting skills.

The visit was an exciting exchange about the combination of innovative technologies in agriculture and a sustainable future, with plenty of interest in the people behind them. We are looking forward to further developments and what we may have been able to achieve with this short visit