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Single orientation

East / West orientation

Floating solar system

For power generation on your water surface

Our floating solar systems offers an efficient and environmentally friendly solution to your energy needs. Our system is compatible with standard photovoltaic modules and it is also suitable for installations of any size. It allows you to fully take advantage of the potential of your unused water surfaces. The cooling provided by the water prevents the overheating of the system, thus you can benefit from optimal energy production.

Technical data
Dimensions1890 x 980 x 150 mm
Weight 12 kg
Capacity Up to 100 kg
Material High Density Polyethylene (PE)
Life cycle 25 years
ApplicationQuarry lakes, irrigation canals, water reservoirs
Surface requirement0,8 ha / MW
Cleaning15° panel inclination for high self-cleaning effect
ProductionJusqu'à 5% d'électricité en plus qu'un système classique
EvaporationWater evaporation is reduced
MaintenanceEasy maintenance via integrated footbridge
ProfitabilityLower cost than a conventional solution
DurabilityStructural design approved to withstand rough conditions