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Agrivoltaics research project


On September 09, 2022, the construction of the Agrivoltaics project started on the Vollmer orchard in Nußbach.

This agri-PV system will be implemented by the company Intech and will allow a double use of the surface. Solar panels will not only generate electricity but they also will protect fruits. The photovoltaic panels are to be installed at a height of 4 meters above the espaliered fruit tree.

The installation should have a capacity of 826 kWp and will be built on an area of about 1.5 ha. Thanks to various algorithms, half of the installation will be able to follow the position of the sun, while the second half, will be installed at a fixed angle of inclination.

With this installation, different varieties of apples will be analysed. The self-generated electricity produced on the site will be used to power charging stations for electric vehicles, and the surplus will be fed into the public electricity grid.

This initiative is being carried out as part of a research project in collaboration with the LTZ Augustenberg and the Fraunhofer-Institut ISE in Freiburg. The aim of the project is to analyse the energy yield and the amount of fruit produced by the plant over the next few years.