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Roof mounted photovoltaic installation Ballast system

Photovoltaic System

Project description

The company Haas Technik in Kappelrodeck, Germany, is specialized in the fabrication of metal components since 2004.  In 2021 the firm decided to install photovoltaic panels on their fabrication building. The company’s motivation was to reach a big part of autonomy in term of energetic consumption while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint and reducing their energy costs.

The photovoltaic installation has 300 panels and 2 solar inverters. It represents a total power of 100 kW. The electricity that is not consumed by the company is directly injected into the public grid.

The particularity of the installation is that it is a ballast system installed on a flat roof. This means that the panels are not directly fixed on the roof, penetrating the watertight structure, but just sit on it. Such an installation represents less work, will save a lot of time and is as strong as a regular installation. With a ballast system, there is no need to drill the roof which will avoid its deterioration.

After a year of commissioning, we observed that our client has saved about 73 tons of CO2 per year.

Project information

Client Haas Technik
Power 100 kW
Location Kappelrodeck, Germany
Date 01/04/2021
Number of panels 300
Inverters 2 solar inverters