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Solar farm in Ontario

Photovoltaic System

Project description

Through the Canadian Feed-In Tariff Program, Intech implemented a 1.16 MWp solar farm in West Elgin, Canada.

In September 2013, the first stage of the plant with a total power rating of 600 kWp started feeding energy into the public grid. It consists of 2400 solar panels and 50 inverters of 10 kW.

In August 2014, the second stage of the farm started generating power. More than 2000 panels, connected to 49 string inverters were installed on this facility.

The electricity produced is fed into the poublic grid and remunerated over a 20-year feed-in tariff. 

Project information

Power 1,16 MWp
Location West Elgin, Canada
Date 29/11/2013
Number of panels 4400
Number of inverters 99
Application Feed-In