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Photovoltaics in the vineyard Blankenhornsberg

Photovoltaic System

Intech is constructing and operating a 240 kW Viti-PV system on an area of 0.2 hectares. The project is part of the RegioWIN lighthouse project "Viticulture 4.0". With the help of new technologies, it aims to provide innovative impetus for viticulture in the region.

The dual utilisation of the area increases land use efficiency and reduces the problem of land competition.

The project is being funded by the state of Baden-Württemberg and the EU with just under 60% of the investment costs.

The plant was built between February 2023 and June 2023. The electrical commissioning is planned for January 2024.

Another project by Intech as part of Weinbau 4.0 is a Viti PV system in Oberkirch-Bottenau with an output of 600 kW. Construction is scheduled to begin in February 2024.

Power 240 kW
Location Winery Ihringen, Germany
Date 24/11/2023