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Energy Container for remote farm

Off-grid system

Project description

Power supply in remote areas in Australia is often ensured through so called single-wire earth return (SWER) networks. Though they are economic in the set-up, maintenance cost for dozens of kilometers of SWER lines for a single farm cause very high electricity prices. Also, the limited electricity capacity available on the SWER network often forces farmers to run expensive diesel generators to power larger machines.

A local administration, the McKinlay Shire Council, and Intech have defined specifications for a solar system providing sufficient power to the farms. The objective was to equip all farms with a similar system in order to facilitate future maintenance work.

The first Energy Container arrived in the shire in 2019. The system serves as an off-grid system and provides a reliable power supply for remote farms.

Project information

Client McKinlay Shire Council
Power 21 kWp
Location Queensland Australia
Date 15/08/2019
Battery Storage Capacity 60 kWh
Back-up generator 20 kVa
Inverters 1 solar inverter
3 off-grid inverters