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Energy Container powers equestrian center

Off-grid system

Project description

Intech equipped an off-grid horse farm with an Energy Container, allowing our customer to be completely independent of the rising electricity prices. The Container solution also proved less expensive than the grid connection cost.

The farm consists of a farmhouse, two stables for 32 horses, an indoor riding arena and a horse walker. A private well with water filtration system is also powered with the off-grid plant.

The system includes 192 solar panels installed in east-west direction on a stable as well as glas-glas solar panels on the façade of the riding arena. The solar façade allows enough sunlight inside the arena while at the same time serving as wind protection and energy production. The total installation can produce up to 45 kWp.

The 20-foot Energy container located at the center of the farm contains the 60kWh lithium-ion battery, the back-up generator, as well as the total control system.

Thanks to the remote monitoring system, the client has access to the system data anywhere.

Project information

Power 45 kWp
Location Baden-Württemberg
Date 01/11/2021
Photovoltaic panels 192
Inverters 3 solar inverters
3 Off-grid inverters
Battery capacity 60 kWh

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