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Intech Energy Container provides electricity for a racetrack

Off-grid system

Project description

In 2022 Intech supplied an off-grid Energy Container to provide electricity for the surveillance cameras and ultra-high visible Electronic Flag Panels for driver security along the track.

The system provided by Intech has a capacity of 9,9 kWp and includes 30 panels mounted on the container’s roof. The 20-foot Energy container contains a back-up generator and a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 30.8 kWh, directly charged through the PV-system on the container, allowing year-round autonomous racetrack surveillance.

Project information

Power 9.9 kWp
Location Germany
Date 11/04/2022
Number of panels 30
Number of inverters 1 solar inverter
6 Off-Grid inverters
Battery capacity 30.8 kWh