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Solar container to power a biodynamic farm

Off-grid system

 It is in the biodynamic farm "Un Jardin et des Graines" near Wissembourg in Alsace, that one of our first Energy Container has been installed in France in May 2019. Our system provides a complete electricity autonomy through solar energy.  It consists of a 10.54 kWp photovoltaic system, solar and off-grid inverters and a lithium-ion battery. A back-up generator is also available in case of need. Each of the system components are produced in Germany and the assembly of the Energy Container takes place at the company´s headquarter in Kehl.

The system covers the entire electricity need of our customer's biodynamic farm. With 18 panels on the container and 16 panels on the chalet´roof next to it, the energy supplied allows the irrigation of the plants as well as the heating of the greenhouses. Remotely, the customer's data is accessible in one click, which allows him to control the performance of his installation. Our team also has access to the client´s data online, so that we can advise and answer any questions the customer may have.  Intech's Energy Container focuses on off-grid renewable energy. It can meet the needs of farmers or industrialists, providing them with clean and reliable energy.

 Particularly beneficial to remote areas, which are not always connected to electrical grids, such solutions allow users to have continuous access to electricity. The consumption of diesel and gas during the production of electricity can be avoided for the profit of healthier energies. As the system is scalable, it can adapt its production to the needs of the consumer. With its capacity ranging from 10 to 300 kWp, the product generates enough energy to supply the electricity needs of several households.

The project, which includes design, installation and commissioning, was carried out within the framework of the DENA Renewable Energy Solutions program: It was supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy as part of the Energy Export Initiative as well. Thanks to this initiative, our market gardener is able to increase the fertility of his soils and to ensure the health of his plants to provide healthy products for his customers.

Client Un Jardin et des Graines
Power 10.54 kWp
Location North of Alsace
Date 15/05/2019
Useable battery capacity 24.15 kWh
Photovoltaic panels 34
Back-up generator 6.18 kVa